Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break!

I got this bathing suit today from Tilly's for my trip to Mexico!
I got the matching bottoms too :)
I wait for it each and every year. I count down the days, the months. But this year was different. I can't stop replaying the words ''We are leaving for Mexico a week from Sunday!'' A week! How crazy is that?


  1. hey gill im a little late cuz my old computer bugged out whenever i went on ur webbie but now im back and ready to attack all ur posts with dozens of comments and likes so post some of ur awesome artistic collages and MAKE IT AQUA jk u dont have to ps u shud have a post about you bcuz ur awesome . . . everything awesome shud include EVERYTHING awesome so yay blah blah GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hey i like ur blog! it awesome! you should do one on apa! luv jenny

  3. yo yo yo!!! i just realized a lot of the collages u did were aqua!! i think i rubbed my luv for the bightest and bubbliest beachy color on you!! haha today is may 17 but watevs i can comment when i want ps we must go to MEXICO together and get TAN!!!!!