Friday, October 26, 2012

Bing it On Blogger Challenge 2!

This week I’ve been participating in the Bing Blogger Challenge, a challenge where I’ve used Bing as my search engine for a week to see if I like it better than Google or Yahoo!

Here is a list of things that make Bing super awesome:

1)     The homepage! Every day there is a new stunning image as the homepage’s background. It’s so cool that there is a new picture every day, definitely more appealing than a plain, boring white background!

2)         Along with each picture are small corresponding boxes with little tidbits of information relating to the picture. You don’t need to click on anything, but you learn little facts each day!

3)         I love the social aspect that Bing offers. I connected Bing to my Facebook and when I searched a frozen yogurt shop on Bing, pictures that my friends had posted about the shop came up on the sidebar! It’s so neat to be able to see what your friends have posted about certain places or things!

Overall, I do like Bing better than other search engines. The aspects that I mentioned above make Bing stand out and make it more interesting that other search engines. The interesting image, little informational tidbits, and ability to connect with Facebook are some of my favorite parts about using Bing.

Thank you to Alt and their partner Bing for asking for my perspective! This is my first sponsored project and it is nice to know that even a teen’s opinion matters to brands!
If you would like to participate in the Bing Blogger Challenge, visit this link!

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